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Knysna Yacht Club
Newsletter – June 2013
Commodore’s Corner
Jim Parkes

The 103rd Annual General Meeting took place on 27th June and was reasonably well attended. For once, it was not bitterly cold and, although the sky was overcast, the rain stayed away. Nevertheless, the hot soup and freshly backed rolls served after the meeting were very well received.

For those members that were unable to attend the AGM, it was reported that your club had an extremely successful year "both on and off the water". I would like to extend my personal thanks to the wonderful team that served on the General Committee and to Dawn, Ian and their staff members; thank you to each and every one of you for your excellent work and loyal support. Your club is certainly one of the finest clubs in the world and we are justifiably extremely proud to be able to play our part in its success. Special thanks go to Albert Lombaard, the Vice Commodore, for his significant efforts in making the club shipshape and to Gayle Newby, the Liaison Officer, for her enthusiasm and commitment in producing the club’s newsletters, Facebook posts, SMS messages and email communications that keep our members around the globe up to date with the latest news.

The new General Committee was elected and, while many of the previous year’s members were re-elected, there were three new appointments. The composition of the Committee is as follows –

 •  President Roger Clancy
 •  Commodore Jim Parkes
 •  Vice-Commodore Albert Lombaard
 •  Treasurer Mike Hennessy
 •  Canoeing Paul Dugmore (new appointment)
 •  Inshore Sailing Don Brink (new appointment)
 •  Offshore Sailing Geoff Goddard
 •  Liaison Officer Gayle Newby
 •  General Committee member Bossi Monsen
 •  General Committee member Andrew Finn
 •  General Committee member Anton Heymann
 •  General Committee member Warwick Lattin (new appointment)

The Treasurer’s Report showed that financially the club has performed very well during the past year, as the table below describes. The highlight was the considerable turnaround of the combined galley and bar services, with the majority of this turnaround coming from the galley. This is a result of the policy of controlling costs and striking a balance between quality, variety and best value for best price. However, it was not achievable without the wonderful support from you, the members. We trust that the current year will follow in those footsteps.

  2013 2012 %
Surplus for the year R165 719 -R45 190 Profit
Member subscriptions (including entrance fees) R1 019 202 R960 285 +8
Galley & Bar surplus/(-)shortfall R121 540 -R3401  
Property maintenance R187 807 R194 618 +39
Other expenses R1 102 663 R950 679 +41
Paul Dugmore

Our first race of the local Garden Route Winter series at Hoogekraal, north of Sedgefield, drew 26 paddlers and was enjoyed by all. There was the usual battle to find the correct channel through the reeds but, in the end, the K2 team of Albert Wasserman and Lezandre Joubert came in first, followed by the K1 entries of Robert Knoebel and Hugo Lodder from Outeniqua club. The day ended with a burger and beer on the causeway.

SA Marathon Championships: We were represented at the SA Marathon champs held in KwaZulu by Michele Eray and junior Kaylie Beers. Michele was then chosen for the World Champs to be held in Copenhagen in September where she will paddle a K2 with Bridgitte Hartley. Kaylie Beers came fourth in the U18 girls race after having led the field much of the way.

The Knysna Lagoon Challenge was held on the 30th June at KYC and was blessed with perfect weather for a change. It consisted of the main race of 22kms, a 10 km race as well as a stand-up paddle board race and guppy races for the kids, which were very well supported. Thanks to all who helped make the day a success.

Knysna Lagoon Challenge Knysna Lagoon Challenge
(Photo on left by Elle Redman; Photo on right by Roger Newby)
Inshore Sailing
Don Brink was elected as the new Inshore Sailing Secretary at the AGM held on 27th June. So there is a changing of the guard, which is always good for the injection of new ideas and new approaches.

RS Tera World Championships – Weymouth by Mike Pogodin

With three weeks to go to departure date, preparations are going very well. The Regatta entries and charter boats have been booked and paid for; the flights have been reserved; the accommodation has been booked; the transfers by coach have been booked and paid for; the Team branded clothing has been ordered; new wetsuits have been generously donated; starting watches have been purchased, thanks to a donation by Alan Waterston; ID books and Passports have arrived; and the sailors have attended interviews in PE as part of the application process for UK visas.

Training continues with intensity. Last week, the whole team from GLYC, Mossel Bay and PE trained with Coach Ronnie Beare at Pine Lake Marina. On Wednesday and Sunday afternoons training takes place with the legendry Bruce McCurrach.
Offshore Sailing
Geoff Goddard

Walk on berth at KYC (10m, No. 104) For Sale: The sale is being performed on a tender basis and is subject to an undisclosed reserve and to approval by the General Committee. Interested parties must be members of KYC. Tenders should be addressed to the Commodore and delivered to the KYC Office or mailed to PO Box 613, Knysna, 6570. The deadline for tenders is 31st July 2013.

Garden Route Sailing Adventures (GRSA) is proud to report the completion of five SA Sailing Day Skipper Courses to date with a total of twenty two enrolled students since inception. The first five students were registered under Ocean Sailing Academy in Cape Town (while the training took place in Knysna) and the remaining seventeen students registered directly with Garden Route Sailing Adventures for their SAS keel yacht training in Knysna. For the first three courses, Ocean Sailing Academy instructors were contracted in from Cape Town, however for the past two courses, GRSA instructors were directly employed. Well done to Brett Gething and Mark Orpen for creating employment for one office staff member and two new skipper/instructor members to the Garden Route Sailing Adventures Cooperative.

To date sixteen students have proven their competence and being issued their SAS Day Skipper tickets, five students unfortunately failed their theory exams (and may rewrite later in the year) and one student is still in process. We are all particularly pleased with the progress of our local Yachting Academy. GRSA has affirmed their commitment to quality assurance as a high priority of its operations; improving its processes for learner selection, learning delivery & support, learner assessment and certification.

Garden Route Sailing Adventures Garden Route Sailing Adventures

GRSA vessels are commercially surveyed with SAMSA and their training venue meets a high standard for learning delivery. SAMSA have recently recommended Garden Route Sailing Adventures as an official provider for Marine VHF Radio telephony training and SAMSA now conduct the VHF Radio examinations in Knysna; well done on this achievement!

Finally, GRSA has already enrolled one candidate skipper as part of their strategy and enterprise development strategy. More about this in a future issue…

Tristam Greensmith - The Adventure (Submitted by Chris Henwood)

Joshua Slocums In 1995 after reading Joshua Slocums’ book Sailing Alone Around the World, for the third time in my life I took him at his word and with only the drawings he kindly supplied in the book I started to build a replica of the Spray.

I lived near the old sea port of Knysna on the south eastern coast of South Africa, there was nearby, a plantation of pine trees and it was these that we used to build the boat.

In 1999 we launched the boat in the Knysna lagoon after making everything from the hull and decks to the masts and spars including the steering wheel and the blocks to raise the sails. I am working on a series of articles detailing the building process which I would be glad to send you if you are interested.

Since Usquaebach was launched in 1999 I have sailed her nearly 30,000 miles crossing the Atlantic from South to North, twice from East to West and once West to East.

I know I have a good replica of Slocum’s legendry Spray as the boat does sail itself. I have no self-steering device of any kind but more by luck than skill seem to have achieved the balance between hull and sails that allow the boat to hold her course on any point of sailing for days on end. This was proved on a recent single-handed Atlantic crossing where I was only required to put a hand to the wheel when it was needed to gybe or alter course after a significant wind shift. To date the best I have achieved without having to put a hand to the wheel is 12 days, admittedly far short of Slocum’s 23 but still remarkable compared to most modern craft. The boat has also proved to be a fine sea boat when she sailed through hurricane force winds without ever getting more than half way down the huge seas. We had a small staysail set throughout and she held her head with the wind at all times and when the wind abated to force 7 to 8 she steered herself without faltering.

Having used only Slocum’s book to build the boat I would now like to use it to sail Slocum’s route around the world!
Read more about it -

Sailing Around the World

Lipton Challenge Cup 2014: It is very disappointing that KYC has no entry in the 2013 Lipton Challenge Cup being held in Durban from 3rd to 7th July, hosted by RNYC. It has been suggested that a concerted effort needs to be made to get a team together for next year’s event with the emphasis being to involve young, upcoming KYC sailors together with experienced senior KYC sailors. Anyone who is interested or has any suggestions is welcome to contact Anton Heymann at anton@anjultrading.com
Administration Matters

Membership Cards: We apologise for the delay in the issuing of membership cards but they will be in the next couple of weeks.

We have been working very hard to get the KYC Membership database up to date and more efficient. Our accountants, Michaelides, have created a new numbering system. This means that many members will now have a new account number.

Along with the number changes, we have also managed to add new data fields to each member’s record. Two of these fields affect the distribution of the Newsletter and our SMS service. For those members that who do not wish to receive the newsletter please let us know and we can flag your record to prevent further copies being sent. Similarly for the SMS service.

As most of the SMS’s we send refer to Weekly Galley Specials and other local events, we are restricting circulation of these types of messages to people with postal codes starting with 65. This means that members based in Knysna, Sedgefield, George, Plett etc. will be included in the circulation. Members whose addresses are outside the Garden Route area will no longer be bothered with these messages. We are sure you will appreciate this will save the club a lot of money.

We still have everyone’s mobile numbers and will keep a full list of member’s numbers for SMS’s of a more general nature.

We can now keep more than one email address and mobile phone number per member. This means that partners with their own mobile number and/or email addresses will now receive their own copy of the newsletters and SMS’s. If you would prefer not to have your own copy, please let us know and we will organise. If you experience any problems please let us know.
Social & Dining Scene

Galley Specials – every Wednesday to Friday check on Facebook or on the Notice Board to see what tempting delights are on offer.

Lucky Pot The Friday Evening Lucky Draw Pot is now worth R900. Remember to be at the Club between 19h00 and 19h30 so on Fridays so that if your name comes up, you can claim it.

The people whose names were drawn during the past month but were not there to collect were P Jeens (R750); Mr M Mather (R775); Mr Williams (R800); Unknown (R825); Mr D Ward (R850); and Mr G MacKeurtan (R875).

Winners of Happy Hour Draws:
29 May Sandra Haig R198
05 June Promise Hani R 60
12 June Sheila Clancy R 86
19 June Wanga Mbabe R142
26 June Coach?? R 98

KYC Clothing & Memorabilia:
A new range of clothing is selling well. If we don’t have your size, we can take orders. The prices of the new range are as follows –
Barron Men’s Classic Golfer Shirt 100% cotton Navy with Logo R219.00
Pro Active Men’s Keelers' Golf shirt - Moisture Management Navy with Logo R193.50
Unisex T-shirt 100% cotton 135 gr White with KYC Logo & Flags R82.50
Unisex T-shirt 100% cotton 135 gr White with KYC Logo & Flags R85.50
Unisex Long-sleeved T-Shirt 100% cotton 160 gr R-Blue/White Logo & Flags R170.00
Kids T-shirt 100% cotton 135 gr Navy with KYC Logo R93.00
Barron Sleeveless Jacket - quilted with Nylon zipper & slider Navy R343.50
Polar fleece Beanie – (anti-pill fabric) Navy R60.00

End-of-Range Discounts:
All the end-of-range items are being sold at a discount including Beanies, Kids T-shirts, Mens Golf Shirts, Caps and Lanyards.
Contact Ian price or speak to the Barmen. 044 382 0166.
Thought for the Month
"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." (Winston Churchill)
The Editor would like to thank all the contributors for their input and also Albert Lombaard for making the colour copies for hand out at the club each month.


Gayle Newby – Liaison Officer
Cell: 082 491 1343
Email: extraheads@iafrica.com
KYC website: www.knysnayachtclub.com
KYC facebook: www.facebook.com/knysnayachtclub

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